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edo pop: Kakamiwa of the West Side 1847 by Utagawa Kunisada, Collection: Frank Milner

EDO POP: Japanese prints at Lady Lever Art Gallery

EDO POP: Japanese prints at Lady Lever Art Gallery More than 40 prints bring to life the energy and spirit of 19th-century Edo (now Tokyo)...

Funding for Cultural & Educational Exchanges with Japan (UK)

DEADLINE: 31st March 2017
Outsiders View by Henry Woodley at Unit 51

Review: Outsiders View: Photographs of Japan – Henry Woodley at Unit 51

In Outsiders View, Woodley seeks to capture the varied cultural shifts happening today in Japan, and what we are given is a summary of very human, very modern relationships touching on tradition and contemporary influences.
Outsiders View. Cheeky Girl - Henry Woodley

Unit 51: Outsiders View – Photographs of Japan by Henry Woodley

Saturday 16 January 2016 - Saturday 13 February 2016. A subjective view of contemporary Japan looking at the world as a ‘gaijin’ or ‘outsider’ and how this beautiful country can change from the serene islands of Miyake-jima to the neon inner city of Tokyo.

Britain on Sale!

This huge poster proclaiming that Britain is on sale occupies a prime position in Shibuya, Tokyo above the famous 'scramble' crossing (see below). Its...

Yet More Cherry Blossom

One of my favourite pictures from our trip. This is near the Imperial Palace and the British Embassy. There was a big queue for...

The Bathhouse Gallery, Tokyo

This place used to be a bath house with a 200 year history but has been a contemporary gallery called SCAI the Bathhouse since...

Meeting Godzilla

Walking through Chiyoda, Tokyo one evening we spotted this excellent statue of Godzilla. Apparently its near the headquarters of the Toho film company who...

La Machine Spider is now in Japan

We were in Yokohama just last week, this port near Tokyo is celebrating its 150th year and they said the spider was coming but...

Cherry Blossom – 1

The first cherry blossom picture of our Japan trip - expect to see a few more like this. Below is a pic of the mountains...

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