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Featured Artist: Nina Edge, Nothing Welsh Streets

Nina Edge sheds a little light on what made Bluecoat so important to her, and explains how it enables potential.

Feature: Coming Home, working on Liverpool

I met with two of the most influential members of those projects last week, to talk about their new collaboration, Coming Home.

Review: Nina Edge, Contravision

You’d be robbing yourself of the history surrounding the Biennial venues if you didn’t walk down Kelvin Grove for Nina Edge’s Contravision.
without these walls

Review: 2nd Heseltine Institute Lecture, Without These Walls

The second of the Heseltine Institute Seminars. Jayne Lawless' & Janet Brandon's film raised more questions than it could possibly answer, but tried its hardest to answer them through a tirade of questions that even the most ardent city planner would struggle to resolve.

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