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Support HOBOkiosk: the Pub, a unique Cabinet of Curiosities

HOBOKiosk has been a talking-shop for visitors for the two years its been open. They provide advice, directions and good conversation along with a distinct...
Automata at Hobo Kiosk

Review: Automata – Tristan Brady-Jacobs & Simon Venus at Hobo Kiosk

Automata is a brilliant little exhibition in one of Liverpool’s lesser known retail gems, featuring work from Simon Venus and Tristan Brady Jacobs. The clue is in the name here, they’re all automata; moving devices made by human hands
The Hat Flotilla automata (detail) by Simon Venus at Hobo Kiosk 2015

Hobo Kiosk: Automata Installation by Simon Venus

Until end January 2016. New works by Simon Venus, one of the country's top automata creators and Tristan Brady-Jacobs.

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