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What to expect from 2017

2017 in brief Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith A year of anniversaries, archives, discovery and invention. Liverpool is going to be nothing but loud through 2017 where it...
Emma Worth at EggSpace

HeadSpace at EggSpace: Emma Worth – ‘An exhibition’

Friday 26 February - Monday 4 April 2016. "The artwork presented it this exhibition is a selection of my interests and what I find inspiring. This includes people I know, places I have visited and a keen interest of mine since I was a child, animals."

Artist of the week: Jazamin Sinclair

Words by Sinéad Nunes, Features Editor Can you introduce yourself and your work? I'm a multidisciplinary artist and musician whose artistic practice is made up of...

Jazamin’s Solo Show at Headspace at Eggspace

'Errance' by Jazamin is a large body of work covering every available bit of wallspace in the Egg cafe and runs until 20 September.

Headspace Shortlisted for Major Enterprise Award

Karen Henley and Jazamin Sinclair Well done Jaz and Karen. I certainly agree with the quote ‘hardworking and diligent approach’ and ‘what their business...

L’Arche at Egg

L’Arche Liverpool is Christian Community of 150 people in...

Winter Blues 3 – Eggspace

After checking out the excellent art on postcards at the Cornerstone we called into the Egg cafe for the opening of Winter Blues -...

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