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Liverpool Biennial gets to work on Granby Resilience Garden

Liverpool Biennial gets to work on Granby Resilience Garden One of the most commonly raised challenges for artists and galleries is ‘What’s it got to...

Granby Winter Garden Commission, CALL FOR ARTISTS

DEADLINE: 3rd May 2017

Freelance Market Officer and Handyperson, Granby Four Streets CLT

DEADLINE: 10th March 2017

Freelance Project Support Officer, Granby Four Streets CLT

DEADLINE: 10th March 2017

Feature: Coming Home, working on Liverpool

I met with two of the most influential members of those projects last week, to talk about their new collaboration, Coming Home.
Liverpool Biennial Launch, photo by Tony Knox

Review: Liverpool Biennial 2016 in review

Liverpool Biennial 2016 in review Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith It’s the final week of Liverpool Biennial 2016. Almost everything that is going to happen has happened, but...

Tour: Liverpool Biennial 2016: Public Works, an unofficial guide

Art in Liverpool’s highlights and a suggested tour of how to get around them in one day. And while I’m aiming to tell you about public spaces, one or two other things might slip in, like the Oratory, which do, strictly, have a roof on their heads.

Review: Liverpool Biennial 2016: Arseny Zhilyaev, Last Planet Parade

This was a home once, and it still feels like that takes precedent over its current status as a gallery. That’s no bad thing, not at all. Arseny Zhilyaev has responded to the architecture of the space – in both rooms – as delicately as you would in your own living room.

Review: Liverpool Biennial 2016: Assemble/Granby Workshops

As well as venturing to Granby Four Streets to witness the history and transformation for yourself, Granby Workshop will be displaying a showcase of their work outside the Exhibition Centre Liverpool in a new commission.

Metal Liverpool supporting Turner Prize nominees Assemble

The first series of products are available for pre-order now from the Granby Workshop. Design collective Assemble have been nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize for their work regenerating the Granby Four Streets alongside local residents.

Metal Announce Assemble Residency with Granby workshop

Assemble will be working with Metal over the next three months to develop the Granby Workshop project, a new social enterprise in Granby.

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