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ELPH at ZAP Graffiti

ZAP Graffiti Arts: Repeating Patterns by ELPH

Saturday 27 February until end March 2016. Internationally renowned, Edinburgh based artist Elph one does his first solo show in a long time. Multimedia. Graffiti, Animation, Illustration and more!

C.U.C.- WholeTrain Special one-off Screening. 1st Dec.

C.U.C.- WholeTrain Meets Combat Calligraphy. WholeTrain Meets Combat Calligraphy 1 December 2010 - 9 January 2010 Presented by ZAP Graffiti Arts & Cleaver, an exhibition of international...

Combat Calligraphy Graffiti at HUB Festival 2010

ZAP GRAFFITI ARTS & MOLOTOW are proud to announce.. COMBAT CALLIGRAPHY An international graffiti gathering @ HUB FESTIVAL: The UK's largest free urban youth event...

Graffiti style design will be part of Beatles day

Watch artist create a new Beatles portrait in Liverpool: Graffiti style design will be part of Beatles day celebrations To celebrate Beatles Day this Friday 10...

HUB Hip Hop and Graffiti at Novas CUC

There's a strong smell of spray paint in Novas CUC today as a crew of ZAP Graffiti artists paint onto the walls of the...

New Graffiti Laws In New York City

Maybe Liverpool will follow suit. I hate the defacing of public buildings as much as anyone but there's a few problems with these laws....

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