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Video – Liverpool Cathedral Bells play Lennon’s Imagine

Actually being there in front of the great cathedral with a crowd of people listening intently was quite an experience. It sounded quite melancholic...

Join in the Great Bubble Blowing Event

Join Futuresonic and the Met Office in the bubble blowing climate experiment, Climate Bubbles. Prepare your bubbles... the date has been announced, and the bubble...

‘Imagine’ Cathedral Bells rehearsals progress

Listen out for the bells on Saturday 16 May 2009 at Noon. 'Imagine' A live performance - 16th May @ High Noon, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral....

Futuresonic 2009 Festival Brochure Now Online

Futuresonic | Festival Brochure. Really excited about this year's futuresonic festival in Manchester. Art (mostly at CUBE gallery), Sound art, Music, Events and Debate. 13-16...

Lennon’s Imagine to be Played on Liverpool Cathedral Bells

Naturally a few people are complaining about John Lennon's song with its atheist lyrics being played in the Cathedral but my only complaint is...

Futuresonic Pictures

A bit late but I've put a lot more pictures of some of the Futuresonic 2005 events in Manchester here

Futuresonic 2005 – Manchester (part 2)

Despite my late night fun (see Part 1) I managed to rise early and get to Urbis for breakfast (nice cafe there) and view...

Futuresonic 2005 – Manchester (part 1)

Futuresonic is an International Festival of Electronic Music and Media Arts held in Manchester 22nd - 24th July. Its in 3 strands: Two nights of...

Futuresonic Music and Media Arts Festival

Its in Manchester next weekend 22-24th July. Here's brief highlights, see the futuresonic website for full details. Futuresonic celebrates its 9th year as the UK’s leading...

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