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The Liverpool Open – at Editions 2017, Call for entries

DEADLINE: 26th May 2017

Review: Paul Romano at Editions Ltd

Paul Romano: Building on the ruins of a previous incarnation Editions Ltd, Friday 29 July 2016. - Saturday 27 August 2016 Words by Patrick Kirk-Smith An oddly refreshing drop...
Naomi Munou, Jo Sweeting and Pauline Hughes

Review: #Threeform at Editions

Pauline Hughes, Jo Sweeting, and Naomi Munuo, began following each other on Twitter because they not only liked each other's work but recognised similarities in form and style.
Clare Flinn at Editions Ltd

Review: Cityscape to Landscape: Clare Flinn at Editions Ltd

This is a fantastic choice for Editions to open 2016 with. Taking an artist who has always had a place there and giving them the exhibition they deserve. If it was crucial to choose an audience for this... who really stops and looks; at art; at their city; at the sky.

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