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Edgelands: Emilie Taylor at the Williamson

The funny thing about Edgelands is that when you’re in them, you don’t really notice. Emilie Taylor’s experience is more reflective than my own, but...

Ceramics Tutor, Poynton Pottery

DEADLINE: 30th November 2016

Hidden Gems Feature: A Messy Space for Ceramic Artists

Chris Turrell-Watts had been working at Southport College as a ceramics technician for about 9 years when the college decided to close the ceramics department.

Review: Carter Preston Prize at Bluecoat Display Centre

What unifies these artists is not just a mastery of ceramics, but an obvious understanding of the craft’s history.

Artwork of the Week – Magdalene Odundo

Liverpool artwork of the week 2009-39. Untitled ceramic by Magdalene Udundo at Bluecoat Display Centre 3 October - 28 November 2009 Much bigger than they...

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