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Review: Past, Present, Future at Bluecoat Display Centre

Past, Present, Future Bluecoat Display Centre, Words & Pictures, Daniel Payne The Bluecoat Display Centre is a cozy space: half shop, half gallery. The current exhibition,...

Bluecoat Display Centre, Gallery Assistant

DEADLINE: 2nd October 2017

£27m boost for Liverpool from its cultural organisations

£27m boost for Liverpool from its cultural organisations A new report reveals that Liverpool’s cultural organisations generated around £27 million pounds for the city in just...

Review: Protégés, Bluecoat Display Centre

Review: Protégés Bluecoat Display Centre, Saturday 29th April 2017 - Saturday 3rd June 2017 Words, Leyla Gurr I had a wonderful art teacher in High School. She...

Director, Bluecoat Display Centre

DEADLINE: 9th June 2017

Review: Future Forwards at Bluecoat Display Centre

Words, Jessica Fenna Bluecoat Display Centre presents another thought-provoking exhibition, ‘Future Forwards’, showcasing the role of innovative technologies in the world of craft and applied...

12 things to do in Light and Sound for LightNight 2017

12 things to do in Light and Sound for LightNight 2017 Liverpool’s LightNight opens the senses as the sun goes down Liverpool’s eighth annual LightNight takes...

Review: Stalwarts, Bluecoat Display Centre

Review: Stalwarts, Bluecoat Display Centre 4th February 2017 - 18th February 2017 Words and photography, Shaneka Williams Stalwarts presents work by a selection of master ceramicists, all...

Review: Carter Preston Prize at Bluecoat Display Centre

What unifies these artists is not just a mastery of ceramics, but an obvious understanding of the craft’s history.
Carter Preston exhibition Winner 2016, Lanty Ball

Carter Preston Prize Exhibition Winner announced at Bluecoat Display Centre

Bluecoat Display Centre are very pleased to announce the winner of the inaugural Carter Preston Exhibition Prize 2016 is ceramic artist Lanty Ball.
L for Leather

Review: L for Leather at Bluecoat Display Centre

Leather is all around us; our shoes, sofas and jackets are all constructed from it, but we often overlook it because of the too familiar form it generally takes. This is leather - not as we know it.
Beth Lewis-Williams

Bluecoat Display Centre: Brilliance

Saturday 23 January - Saturday 5 March 2016. This exhibition, co-curated by Claire Norcross, features leading contemporary lighting designers working in a range of media to include ceramic, concrete & leather, woven wicker, paper and glass.

Bluecoat Display Centre: Carter Preston Prize Exhibition – Shortlist Announced

The shortlisted artists for the inaugural Julia Carter Preston Prize have now been announced. They are Lanty Ball, Yasmin Lennon-Chong, Jane King, Susan Nemeth, Malene Hartmann Rasmussen, and Jo Taylor.
All that glitters at Bluecoat Display Centre

Review: All That Glitters at Bluecoat Display Centre

All That Glitters is another wonderful exhibition from The Bluecoat Display Centre, combining unambiguous methods with to the point visuals. The exhibition focusses on the indulgent work of Sue Brown and Mikael Nilsson, who take inspiration from ornithological thieves.

Review: RE – Reanimate, Repair, Meld and Mend at Bluecoat Display Centre

This is an exhibition that has been put together as an act of obsession. Obsession with recycling, with repair, reuse and rethinking is paramount to RE-reanimate.

Artwork of the Week – Clare Lane

Liverpool artwork of the week 2011-05. 'No Unauthorised Access' 2008 by Clare Lane in 'Metropolis' at Bluecoat Display Centre 29 January - 5 March...

Elizabeth Willow in the Window at Bluecoat Display Centre

Photos courtesy Bluecoat Display Centre More beautiful and amazing work from Elizabeth Willow in the window of the Bluecoat Display Centre throughout December 2010. In the...

New Website for Bluecoat Display Centre

Nice new website for the Bluecoat Display Centre launched today. Nice and clear (apart from that white text on grey background on the front...

Bluecoat Display Centre: A Sparkling Party

Bluecoat Display Centre: A Sparkling Party - 2 October – 13 November 2010 A touring exhibition of selected works in silver by Kevin O’Dwyer. Review by...

Artwork of the Week – Nicholas Lees

Liverpool artwork of the week 2010-37. 'EarthGrip' by Nicholas Lees. Prizewinner of the National Sculpture Prize at the Bluecoat Display Centre. 13 August -...

Letters from Liverpool – Design Week Review

Very nice review by Colin Davies of the current Bluecoat Display Centre exhibition... Letters from Liverpool | Blog | Design Week.

National Sculpture Prize 2010 – Shortlist Announced

National Sculpture Prize Exhibition 14th August – 25th September 2010 at Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool The National Sculpture Prize 2010 is the second instalment of...

REMINDER – National Sculpture Prize 2010

REMINDER - Deadline is 31 March 2010 Call for Entries – National Sculpture Prize 2010, Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool The National Sculpture Prize 2010 is the...

Review: Birds of a Feather at Bluecoat Display Centre

BIRDS OF A FEATHER 23 January-27 February At Bluecoat Display Centre Review by Natalia Morones Louise Gardiner’s and Sophie Woodrow’s exhibition at the Bluecoat Display Centre brings mysticism...

Birds of a Feather at Bluecoat Display Centre

Birds of a Feather at the Bluecoat Display Centre 23 January – 27 February 2010 This exhibition brings together 2 artists who are based in the...

Nordic Ceramics and Poetry at the Bluecoat

A busy day today but in between taking the inaugural ride on the Liverpool ONE Wheel and attending the Go Penguin Party it was...

Artwork of the Week – Magdalene Odundo

Liverpool artwork of the week 2009-39. Untitled ceramic by Magdalene Udundo at Bluecoat Display Centre 3 October - 28 November 2009 Much bigger than they...

Viewing and Artist Talk at Bluecoat Display Centre Today

Should be an interesting talk in the Bluecoat Display Centre this afternoon, followed by the Viewing of the exhibition, some fascinating pieces on show. FRIDAY...

Junkshop Revolution at Bluecoat Display Centre

Another exhibition recognising that this is Liverpool's year of the Environment. Everything is created from recycled materials in this 'Junkshop Revolution' at the Bluecoat...

Bluecoat Display Centre and the Crafts Blueprint

Dr. Maureen Bampton, Director of the Bluecoat Display Centre will be attending the launch of the Crafts Blueprint at the House of Lords tomorrow...

Matthew Burt Talk at Bluecoat Display Centre, 28 May 09

Acclaimed furniture maker Matthew Burt will be giving a talk followed by a tour of his current Bluecoat Display Centre exhibition 'idea to object'...

Bluecoat Display Celebrates 50 Years with ’50 at BDC’

It was like the start of the January Sales as quite a queue formed well before the opening of this new exhibition at Bluecoat...

Artwork of the Week – Ann-Marie Colquhoun

Liverpool artwork of the week 47. 'Orb' Teapot by Ann-Marie Colquhoun at Bluecoat Display Centre, 15 November 2008 to 3 January 2009 One of many...

Shock of the New at Bluecoat Display Centre

Shock of the New at the Bluecoat Display Centre. Its always worth having a look at the excellent craftsmanship of the artists exhibiting...

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