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Review: Art of Solidarity: Cuban posters for African liberation

Think of the words “revolution” and “1960s”, and most of us think of Peace and Love. But in most of the world at the time, “revolution” meant something much more serious.

Review: Paul Romano at Editions Ltd

Paul Romano: Building on the ruins of a previous incarnation Editions Ltd, Friday 29 July 2016. - Saturday 27 August 2016 Words by Patrick Kirk-Smith An oddly refreshing drop...
Double Act: Art and Comedy

Review: Double Act: Art and Comedy Tour by Frances Greenfield

Greenfield encourages you to enjoy, but also look beyond, whether they are funny or not. It becomes apparent that medium and context add other facets which make it hard to classify. It’s subjective.
L for Leather

Review: L for Leather at Bluecoat Display Centre

Leather is all around us; our shoes, sofas and jackets are all constructed from it, but we often overlook it because of the too familiar form it generally takes. This is leather - not as we know it.

Review: Francis Bacon at Tate Liverpool

Francis Bacon: Invisible Rooms, breaks from the tradition of bowing to the artist that has been the flaw of international galleries for decades. The exhibition focusses on Bacon’s working environments, and his working methods; things that the artist spent the majority of his life denying the existence of.

Simeon Barclay: Jolly Lament in Four Movements Concerning A Hamlet By The Sea

Words by Jack Welsh In today’s fast-paced digital society, what role does the humble postcard play? As people increasingly use smartphones and apps such as Facebook...

Open 1 at Liverpool’s Open Eye Gallery

Words by Ruth White Open 1 is the first in a series of three annual open submission exhibitions, this years’ theme being based around ideas...

Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots

Words by Laura Harris Portrait and a Dream (1953) is a haunting and unfamiliar end to Tate Liverpool’s new Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots (until 18...

Art Feast interviews Ceri Hand

Art Feast interviews Ceri Hand | Art Feast. Interesting interview with Ceri Hand on the Art Feast website. “The Liverpool based Ceri Hand Gallery is one...

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