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Hidden Gems Feature: Translating the Street with Alternator

International artists have been invited to translate the stories of the street, build bridges and make visible the hitherto hidden.
Translating the Street- Frank Cavanagh Shoe Repairs

Review: Translating The Street – Alternator Studios & Oxton Road Shops

Oxton Road takes a great deal of translating, and when you put Haleh Jamali, Jeff Young and Harold Offeh in three of the most wonderfully independent shops in Merseyside, the results will be, by the very nature of the question, completely unpredictable.
Artists Haleh Jamali and Jeff Young in K&N Greengrocers

Feature: Translating the Street – Interview with the Artists

Alternator Studio’s Translating the Street project is difficult to define. It spans themes of identity – both personal and cultural – community engagement and social responsibilities, as well as documenting and sharing histories and ideas.

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