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Ellen-Calvert_Sox_Sampler-100Ellen Calvert, Textile Designer
Throughout March & April 2011

Ellen Calvert’s work, Honey I Stole Your Jumper is a collection of up-cycled home furnishings that focus on turning unloved homewares into new modern pieces through the use of craft.

Through an education in printed textile design and a training in the commercial textile industry Ellen fell in love with traditional craft techniques; namely the intricacy, care and time that is synonymous with traditional ways of working.  Spurred by this interest and influenced by her disillusionment at the mass-manufacture of modern goods she became inspired to create Honey I Stole Your Jumper.

The collection contains reclaimed metal school furniture, knitted cushions, wall samplers created from vintage embroidered linens and other home accessories.  These one-off pieces, hand crafted in Ellen’s Margate studio, embrace a modern aesthetic whilst embodying traits of traditional crafts; a happy coupling of craft heritage and contemporary design.

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Ellen Calvert