Ship & Mitre: Blank Canvas, present The Sabbatical End

16 June

20.00 – £5/3

Eric Wilson, solo – no accidents set


No Flowers

Phil Morton’s one year Sabbatical End starts here. One year away from Blank Canvas, he returns, and he is curating this and the next three Blank Canvas Sessions. Is it there Sabbatical end, will the BOD be in the room? will Eric be in the room? so many questions,
It is a blank canvas folks!

Eric Wilosn.
The table is set for his table set, expect a feast.

Performs his deposition, “elbows”

Phil Morton, accidents & treatments
Phil Lucking, Trumpets

Timelines. Phil Morton and Phil Hargreaves formed the duo Bonehouse in 1992. 1997 Bonehouse launched Frakture, and became the resident house band. 1998 the CD Click was released. In 2000 Phil Lucking replaced Phil Hargreaves, and this new line up enjoyed a successful trip to Nozart4 Festival Koln, Germany. In 2012 both musicians are regular performers on the northern England improv scene, and still perform as Bonehouse. In 2012 they released the CD Cracked.

CD Cracked on bandcamp

No Flowers present : Music for drums, voice, violin, glockenspiel, cassettes and chains.

Nicholas Bostock, sound and playing
Zoi : violin/glockenspiel

The performance would be a piece of improvisation based around drums (a simplified kit) and vocals. With other sounds coming from electroacoustic/acousmatic sound sources, in this case cassette tapes, and a ‘soundboard’ consisting of a contact mic with various other bits and pieces to make sounds with (chains, metal trays, etc).

To add to the improvisational aspect the cassette that will provide the sound bed for the performance will be one picked at random from a choice of five. (The tapes have found sounds/samples/drones and other musical elements recorded onto them).

Ship & Mitre 133 Dale Street Liverpool L3 2JH