Prizewinning Chinese artists residence at ADA – Exhibition

THURSDAY 28 July 2011 17-19.00 at Liverpool John Moores Art & Design Academy

Prizewinning Chinese artists residence at ADA | Liverpool Art & Design Academy (ADA).

The Liverpool School of Art and Design is currently hosting four artists from China, who are prizewinners from the last John Moores Painting Prize which, for the first time, was also run in China. The artists’ work was exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery in 2010 but this is the first time they have visited the UK.

The residency is co-hosted between the Liverpool School of Art and Design, The University of Shanghai and the John Moores Exhibition Trust, with participation by all Liverpool’s most significant arts organisations. The School of Art and Design has been developing a programme of staff exchange with the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Shanghai that was initiated following an introduction from the Liverpool Biennial. So far Peter Appleton, Reader in Creative Technology and Patricia Mackinnon Day, Reader in Environmental Art have been to Shanghai and there have been return visits from the Shanghai Faculty. We are also developing research projects with the university and devising further exchange possibilities. This is a really good example of the work the school is doing to engage with local creative industries such as the Biennial and the John Moores Exhibition Trust in order to develop projects of International quality and global reach.

The four prizewinning artists currently here are working in studios at the Art and Design Academy through July and there will be an opportunity to see the work they make in response to their stay in Liverpool with an exhibition at the ADA on the 28th July.

They are:

Zhang Wei:

Born in Inner Mongolia, 1985, he currently lives and works in Hangzhou. Graduated from Chinese academy of fine arts with a master‘s degree. His work includes paintings and installation works, which focus on the similarities and differences of various performance media.

Zhang Zhenxue:

Born in Heilongjiang,1982, he graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Currently studying for a masters degree in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.His first degree was in Virtual Communication Design but he went to Lijiang City after graduating where he developed a special feeling for art. He started working on paper but has since made oil paintings combining several elements including language and the experience of art.

Li Weizhou

Born in Henan, 1973, Li lives and works in Guangzhou. Graduated from Guangzhou academy of fine arts with a master‘s degree.

Zou Tao:

Born in Shenyang, 1984 and graduated from Shenyang Beihong Fine Arts Academy with a bachelor‘s degree and Luxun Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree.

The human body is like a machine working with no end, where both the material and immaterial are continuously being produced and evolved. Greedily eating and producing all that is available, there remains a consistent element no matter how all else evolves. That which can’t be improved provides for us the bugs of humanity. In front of social morality, people feel disgusted with it; on the other hand, it cannot be ignored. I characterise the ‘gaze’ as the excrement of human morality and the detriment of human civilization. Indulging in the wildest fantasy, I’m trying to convert it into renewable energy and resource in the world of my painting.