sayat_nova_liverpool-100FRIDAY 10 September 2010, 20.00 at the Bluecoat. audiovisual dance performance: SAYAT NOVA REVISITED (For tickets (£7/ £5) please contact the Bluecoat). Paris based sound and visual artist Goran Vejvoda (BACKGROUND) and a selected set of local dancers will present a mind-blowing audiovisual performance with a unique fusion of interdisciplinary visual art, multi-media and dance techniques. This immersive performance, a poetic re-interpretation of Sergei Paradjanov’s surrealist classic Sayat Nova premieres at the Bluecoat.


Inhabiting a world of symmetrical spirits. Books filled with water, thoughts filled with timeless illusions. Dreams become a distorted reality, and what you see is just a bit closer from a fading vision that you thought you saw. Symbols that you can’t read the meaning of, meanings that are not distinguishable. You think it’s religion or something else, while you are thinking you are overwhelmed by all the illogical messages that are coming this way. You are just in Sayat Nova – revisited, let loose and maybe the timelessness will fulfil and lead you to somewhere – called – Nowhere.” – Goran Vejvoda

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