OPENS: Museum of Liverpool

The Museum of Liverpool opens on 19 July 2011 (Phase One) with Phase Two in October.

The new Museum of Liverpool will be one of the world’s leading city history museums, setting the global benchmark for museums of its kind and raising social history as a museum discipline to an international scale.

Opening times

From Tuesday 19 July the museum will be open daily 10.00 – 17.00. We are expecting lots of visitors during our first week so there may be a little wait to get in at peak times. Please bear with us and be patient.

Late opening for the first weekend: on Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 July 2011 the museum is open until 22.00.

Opening dates

Most of the Museum of Liverpool will open in the first phase in July 2011, including the following galleries:

The rest of the galleries will open in a second phase towards the end of 2011. These include: