MIDNIGHT SPECIAL – Destroy All Linguists

coop-logo-100SATURDAY 16 October 2010 23.00 – 02.00 at The Cooperative.
Destroy all Linguists
A late-night lyrically-led music event with Mercy’s best pals. Hive vs Aisle 16

In a new collaboration for Mercy, Liverpool’s new-media and live music honchos lock horns with the UK’s most inventive and prolific poetry collective. Aisle 16’s Ross Sutherland and Tim Clare perform poems based on the destruction of language, including their highly regarded poems using the Oulipo constraints, while Hive artists digitally distort and re-interpret the performance.
Hive presents: Forest Swords
A Britain occupied by China in the 16th century only to be violently liberated in the Acid House revolution of ’91. History quickly becomes irrelevant as soul vocals from another dimension grasp for ever more ludicrous ways of describing sound while drowning in bass and reverb. With an EP on the more-obscure-than-thou New York label Olde English Spelling Bee and a 7″ on No Pain in Pop, it’s time to check this out before The Wire get him on the cover.  Move over, Burial, somebody needs your space.

The Cooperative
The Old Paint Shop
28-32 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, L1 4EF