Liverpool Pride’s LGBT Film Listings

image00318 July – 29 August

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Throughout July and August, Liverpool Pride will be presenting a collection of unique stories captured on film – ranging from in-depth authentic documentary to comedy from beyond the stars – at venues across Merseyside.

The series begins with a screening of Vito, a new documentary about Vito Russo who brought us all out of the “Celluloid Closet” with his live lecture on what really went on in Hollywood, at The Light cinema in New Brighton. In the aftermath of Stonewall, a newly politicized Vito Russo found his voice as a gay activist criticising the way LGBT people were represented in mainstream media, especially during the AIDS crisis. He’s an inspiration and definitely a “superhero” of gay culture. Liverpool Pride will be in The Light bar on the night and there’ll be a chance to win a DVD copy of The Celluloid Closet.

Bring out your inner Punk with She Said Boom: The Story of Fifth Column – Toronto’s “Queercore” feminist art band of the 1980’s – at FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) on 24 July. Fifth Column helped turn the music world upside down and this documentary describes the band’s influence then and now. The film features interviews from G B Jones, Kathleen Hanna, Bruce La Bruce and Vaginal Davis and, of course, music to make your ears bleed!

This film is followed by a discussion involving panellists from Homotopia, Writing on the Wall, Nerve and Merseyside Women’s Movement entitled: When does art become activism?

Crosby Plaza hosts a screening of Five Dances on 29 July. Chip, a dancer who is homeless and confused about his sexuality, deals with harshness of life in New York. He gets work in a dance company and as the five dances of the title come together, so does Chip’s life thanks to friendship and love. This work has a gorgeous visual style and is a must for anyone who loves contemporary dance.

With a change of pace on 30 July, the Crosby Plaza will be showing the uniquely funny Co-dependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same. Loony but great! That’s the only way to describe this off-the-wall lesbian comedy with a message of love from another planet. Anyone turning up in their own homemade Lesbian Alien costume wins a prize!

On 31 July, FACT will be presenting another evening of film and discussion with Future My Love. Maja Borg explores the area between internal emotions and the external world, melding her documentary footage of 95 year old Jacque Fresco and his visionary Venus Project with her own experience of relationship breakup.

The film is followed by a discussion around the topic: When does politics become personal? Panellists from Homotopia, Writing on the Wall, Nerve and Merseyside Women’s Movement will be involved.

At long last on 8 August Liverpool Pride present their most requested film Desert Hearts. Professor Vivian Bell arrives in Nevada for a divorce. As she waits for her papers, she meets seductive Cay Rivers and the two women become close. Showing at FACT, from the beautifully realised 1950’s setting to the fantastic soundtrack, this is one for the romantics.

I Want Your Love – a film banned in Australia due to its sexual content – will be showing at FACT on 15 August. Jesse is leaving San Francisco and on his last evening in the city, his friends throw a party. This is an intense and intimate story for the more liberal inhabitants of the UK.

15 August also sees a second screening at The Light, this time with the subtitled film The Journey tells the story of two young women who grow up together in a rural Indian village, where arranged marriage is the only acceptable form of relationship. Kiran, a studious and reserved young woman, is mortified by her growing lesbian desire for the effervescent Delilah. Ashamed and frightened, she agrees to help her neighbour Rajan in his attempts to win Delilah’s heart, but Delilah soon discovers Kiran’s true feelings. This gentle film won many awards on its original release in 2004, and the new re-mastered version does it proud.

The Invisibles by Sébastien Lifshitz (director of Presque Rien) will be shown in French with English subtitles at FACT on 22 August. The documentary depicts a joyful celebration of the lives of eleven older LGBT people describing the last seventy years of French attitudes to sexuality. Moving and honest, it will have you cheering by the end.

Lastly, FACT hosts an exclusive preview of a film that takes a true story as its cue – Any Day Now. Set in 1970’s America, two gay men take in a teenager with Down’s syndrome who has been abandoned by his Mother and end up in a fierce legal battle to keep custody of him. This film won the Audience Award in festivals right across America last year and you can see it on 29 August.

Full Film Listings

18 July: 19.30 Vito The Light, New Brighton

24 July: 18.30 She Said Boom: The Story of Fifth Column   FACT Liverpool

29 July: Five Dances   Crosby Plaza

30 July: Co-dependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same   Crosby Plaza

31 July , 18.30 Future My Love   FACT: Liverpool

8 Aug, 18.30 Desert Hearts   FACT

15 Aug, 18.30 I Want Your Love FACT

15 Aug, 19.30 The Journey(with subtitles) The Light, New Brighton

22Aug, 18.30 The Invisibles    FACT

29 Aug, 18.30: Any Day Now    FACT

How to book:

FACT: 0871 902 5737 or

Crosby Plaza: 0151 474 4076

The Light Cinema:

Marine Pont, New Brighton, CH45 2HZ 0151 214 1370