Liverpool Artists Past and Present

Liverpool Artists Past and Present
Went to the Private View last night. A bit off my patch this place (349 Smithdown Rd), took the motor and avoided the alcohol. Its a very nice ‘slightly bohemian’ cafe with gallery that hosts regular exhibitions. This features local artists past (e.g Adrian Henri) and present (e.g photographer Ben Zuhlcke).
Chatted to the curator Lis Edgar who has been busy working on this and the LETS Create show at Quiggins (haven’t seen that yet) as well as doing her own artworks. The Henri and Young pieces may be familiar to regular galleristas. Personally, I love the big colourful canvasses by Maxine Trainer, I saw these at the Fine Art Degree Show in Myrtle St this summer and was well impressed. I’m no expert of course but I think she could go far (you read it here first).
The gallery has a yard where, amongst others, are these cool sculptures by Paul Bearman.