LECTURE: Academy Lectures – Paul Davies

paul-davies-100WEDNESDAY 10 March 2010, 16.00 onwards at Liverpool School of Art and Design, LJMU (Free entry to all)
Illustrator Paul Davis is a master satirist with a firm grasp on the inanity of the human condition. His work crosses the art/design divide and paves the way for communication to be playful, subversive and culturally significant.

After ten years or so in the ‘wilderness’, working out what he wanted to say and how to say it, Davis was commissioned by The Independent on Sunday’s Sunday Review in 1996 to put together several full-page watercolours of clothes and accessories by Gucci, Calvin Klein and friends. This project gave way to worldwide projects for Harvey Nichols, Terence Conran, Virgin Atlantic and IBM.
– From DandAD awards http://bit.ly/9QDbQI

And the story continues….

Explore Paul Davis here: http://bit.ly/paul_davies_talk

Johnson Foundation Auditorium, LJMU Art and Design Academy

Duckinfield Street (off Brownlow Hill) Liverpool L3 5RD  Details