LECTURE: Academy Lectures – Ian Whittlesea

ian-whittlesea-100WEDNESDAY 3 March 2010, 16.00 onwards at Liverpool School of Art and Design, LJMU (Free entry to all)
Ian Whittlesea was born in 1967, studied painting at Chelsea College of Art and sculpture at the Royal College, and lives in London. His work is often concerned with words, and with the lives and work of other artists and writers. It involves putting information in space, or taking it from the page and into the world, where it makes new relationships between biography, reading, writing and looking at words. It assumes many forms: from painstaking paintings that can take years to make, to ephemeral posters and transient projections.

He recently designed Sol Sans (a typeface based on Sol LeWitt’s hand-written Sentences on Conceptual Art) for Progress Through Typography.

He is interested in radically changing the duration of an experience, and his work over the last few years has ranged from projecting lists of everyone an individual met in their lifetime (compressing 70 years of relationships into a few hours) to projecting the first chapter of Thoreau’s Walden one word at a time over 37 hours (slowing the act of reading to breaking point).

In 2003 he began to learn judo and translate Yves Klein’s 1954 book Les Fondements du Judo into English. After breaking his ankle, nose and most of his ribs he succeeded in gaining his black belt, and in 2009 The Foundations of Judo was published in a transimile of the original by The Everyday Press. The book has also generated a series of related events and ephemera, including a brief recreation of Klein’s Judo Académie de Paris at Tate Modern.


Johnson Foundation Auditorium, LJMU Art and Design Academy

Duckinfield Street (off Brownlow Hill) Liverpool L3 5RD  Details