LAUNCH: Drawing Paper pre-release launch

drawing-paper-100SATURDAY 8 May 2010, 17:00 – 20:30 at The Royal Standard
Mike Carney and The Royal Standard would like to invite you to the pre-release launch of ‘Drawing Paper’ Issue 1. ‘Drawing Paper’ is a free newspaper focussed on, well, drawing – initiated, curated and designed by Mike Carney, a designer/artist and studio member of The Royal Standard.

The first issue brings together a diverse selection of work from 20 artists including Jon Barraclough, Mike Carney, Baptiste Croze, Jemma Egan, Henry Finney, Madeline Hall, Natalie Hughes, Harry Lawson, Hamish Mclain, Sarah McKevitt, Flis Mitchell, Bernadette O’Toole, Richard Proffitt, James Quin, Laura Robertson, Emily Speed, Topia Gould, Sam Venables, Alan Williams and Ki Yoong.

Come and pick up a couple of pre-release copies hot off the press before they hit the streets.

Join us for a drink, do some drawing, listen to tunes from Mike’s iPod on shuffle mode, hang out in the evening sun (guaranteed), discuss more drawing based activity and generally abstain from any discussion about the General Election results.

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