Floral Pavilion: Six String Saturday

Onefellswoop_logo.1.123 November


@ Floral Pavilion Tivoli Suite, Marine Promenade, Wallasey, Merseyside CH45 2JS.

FREE Tickets available from: http://www.bestguitarfest.com/en-GB/categories/workshops

The Musicians’ Union and The International Guitar Festival of Great Britain come together to offer insight in to building your music career in a day of free panel discussions.

The Musicians’ Union and Above The Beaten Track are teaming up with the International Guitar Festival to deliver a day of panel discussions at this year’s Six Sting Saturday. Musicians of all ages, genres and skill levels can come along and gain some insight in to the many ways in which they can build a career and income through music. The discussions will be followed by a chance to meet the panellists in an informal networking session afterwards. Featuring industry professionals from the likes of the Musicians Union, PPL, and Bido Lito Magazine, plus labels, promoters, musicians and more, the two panels will bring together a wealth of experience and knowledge, informing people of what avenues are available, what works (as well as what’s best avoided!) and forming the public profile that’s right for you.

The panels will focus on the ways in which musicians can stand out from the crowd with a strong media presence in addition to generating and sustaining an income from all their hard work. The day will offer an invaluable opportunity to discover tried and tested means and to ask any questions arising from your experiences so far or your future in the industry.

Visitors will leave with an abundance of new information to help boost them on their way to a successful career in the music industry.


Self Promotion and creating an impact

In an increasingly cluttered media landscape, how do you get people to pay you some attention? Our panelists will explore the increasingly important role of self promotion, discussing various ways to create an impact and build your profile, whether on your own or with the help of professionals. This will of course include discussion of social mediaand its uses in marketing yourself/band and/or your music. We’ll look at the strengths, weaknesses and differing approaches to various platforms, as well as finding the correct tone and using the right content.


DIY to EMI – Making money from your music

Whether self-publishing and promoting, or releasing through a well-established label, the panellists will provide insight in to the various avenues musicians might take to turn their hard work into income. On the agenda will be discussion of established royalty revenue streams (and how to access them), alongside a look at various other ways to generate money as a musician in the modern music landscape.