ZAP Graffiti: Toaster – Killing it with Kindness

    Location (with MAP): ZAP Graffiti Arts
    Date/Time: 9 July 2016. - 9 August 2016. 10:00am - 5:00pm
    Event: Exhibition - ZAP Graffiti: Toaster – Killing it with Kindness
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    Killing It With Kindness:
    New original paintings by Toaster.

    In 1999, before the term “Street Art” had been conceived, three people started to stencil & paste their toaster image across the world.

    17 years later, the project continues relentlessly, but by only one of the original crew.

    Still pushing the now iconic original image, the toaster is also abstracted, broken down & reworked to form new bold graphic shapes.

    These latest paintings represent the future of the project. Through their confident colours, shapes & shadows they also reference the past of an artist who started painting “traditional” graffiti in 1985.