Walker Art Gallery: Leo Fitzmaurice

    Psamathe, 1879-80, Frederic Leighton. c. Lady Lever Art Gallery, National Museums Liverpool
    Location (with MAP): Walker Art Gallery
    Date/Time: Saturday 29 September 2018. - Friday 1 March 2019. All Day
    Event: Exhibition - Walker Art Gallery: Leo Fitzmaurice
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    Leo Fitzmaurice
    29 September 2018 – March 2019

    As part of the Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme, Liverpool-based artist Leo Fitzmaurice will curate an immersive exhibition of portraiture within Room 9 of the Gallery.

    The artist will select artworks from both the Arts Council Collection and National Museums Liverpool’s own collections, with a painting from the Lady Lever Art Gallery called Psamathe (1879-80) by Frederic Leighton as the focus of the exhibition. This image shows a female nude from behind and the subject appears to be looking out to the sea in front of her. In forming the display, Fitzmaurice will aim to expand upon this “tone of inquisitiveness in the world beyond.”

    The selection of works will be dictated by the direction of the sitters’ gazes, as will their arrangement in the room, creating the illusion that the subjects of the portraits are all looking towards the same subject of Psamathe.