The Royal Standard: Resilience; a workshop with Lydia Catterall

    Location (with MAP): The Royal Standard
    Date/Time: 15 January 2018. 2:00pm - 5:00pm
    Event: Class / Course / Workshop - The Royal Standard: Resilience; a workshop with Lydia Catterall
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    Resilience; a workshop with Lydia Catterall 

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    We love what we do, otherwise we wouldn’t do it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not bloody hard to keep it up. Our bodies, brains and bank accounts can all feel the hit, so how do we even make time to think about looking after ourselves?

    In this workshop, hosted by Leeds-based artist, Lydia Catterall, we will share food and stories, (inevitably) grumble about the tough stuff and celebrate how amazing we are for even trying. We’ll spend time uncovering the networks at our fingertips, get practical with our priorities, hear how others manage to strike that elusive ‘balance’ and take relaxation into our own hands with the help of essential oils, all in the name of feeling more confident, connected and chill.

    Let’s get fierce about self care and prepare ourselves for the long game.


    The event is free and will run from 6-9pm.
    Spaces are limited so please book to save disappointment.