Misty 21: Paintings by Sue Lucine and Terry Kane

    Sue Lucine & Terry Kane at Misty 21 Gallery
    Location (with MAP): Misty 21 Gallery
    Date/Time: 3 June 2016. - 27 July 2016. 12:00pm - 6:00pm
    Event: Exhibition - Misty 21: Paintings by Sue Lucine and Terry Kane
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    Paintings by Sue Lucine and Terry Kane

    Misty21 is a small gallery situated in the basement of the tobacconists shop at  16 Newington, Liverpool.

    The idea is Art for everyone and a place where people can exhibit their artistic skills with limitless boundaries and imagination

    The present exhibition features Sue Lucine and Terry Kane. Sue’s large solitary nudes are her signature and have an air of confident defiance. Having reached a pinnacle with these nudes she is now painting shapes that appear to her in random forms

    Terry Kane was a prolific artist who sadly died peacefully in 22nd April 2015. Terry’s confident brush strokes are akin to Picassos. He painted what mattered to him. His large monumental studies of people and places are a joy to behold and reflect his thoughts perfectly.

    Open 12.00 – 18.00 Mon-Fri and 12.00 – 17.00 Sat-Sun. Accessible parking.

    Contact Sulucine@gmail.com


    Venue: Misty 21 gallery, 16 Newington off Bold st (next door to the Egg cafe)