Maritime Museum: SEIZED! FAMILY DAY

    Location (with MAP): Merseyside Maritime Museum
    Date/Time: 17 September 2016. 11:00am - 4:00pm
    Event: Family - Maritime Museum: SEIZED! FAMILY DAY
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    Meet the teams keeping the UK border safe at Maritime Museum

    Join us for an exciting day of free family activities linked to the collections in the Seized! The Border and Customs uncovered gallery at Merseyside Maritime Museum.

    Visitors will have the opportunity to meet some of the Border Force teams, and discover the fascinating work that goes into protecting our borders.

    Full listings at the end of this post

    Hold live snakes, tortoises and lizards, while you discover more about endangered species and the illegal trade in smuggling them. Meet the human and canine members of the Border Force sniffer dog team, as you learn about their important role in drug detection and protecting our ports and airports.

    Discover the amazing ingenuity of Border Force in protecting us against some of today’s most organised and dangerous criminals and the incredible lengths that criminals will go to in smuggling drugs, weapons and counterfeit goods, as well as exploring cases of human trafficking in the UK.

    The events take place in and around Merseyside Maritime Museum on Saturday 17 September from 11am to 4pm.

    Highlights for visitors include: –

    • Meet the animals with Exo Teach – live snakes, tortoises and lizards will help you discover more about the illegal trade in smuggling them, how some species have become endangered, and what Border Force are doing to combat it.
    • Sniffer Dog demonstrations – meet the human and canine members of the Border Force sniffer dog team from Manchester Airport. See them in action and learn about their important role in drug detection and protecting our ports and airports.
    • Border Force Rummage team demonstration on the Brocklebank tug boat – the team will explain how they search ships and talk about their most significant drug finds, and small groups of visitors will be allowed on board throughout the day.
    • Forgery detection team – meet the officers who specialise in spotting forged documents which can be used to enter the country illegally.
    • Fakes team – find out where fake goods come from and the risks of buying substandard and often dangerous goods from the Counterfeit Detection Unit. Can you spot a fake?
    • There are a variety of ways people smuggle endangered animals and plants into the country. Find out more from the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora team) and what can be done to stop it.
    • Information on keeping children safe from trafficking from the Border Force’s specialist team and Stop the Traffik.
    • Mobile Freight scanner truck – used for scanning trucks and other large vehicles as they arrive in the UK with goods from abroad, they are an important tool in detecting smuggled goods.
    • Let it Bee with Earthworks – Learn about bees and make a bee inspired souvenir
    • Face painting – with Cases Faces

    More information about Seized! can be found with #seizedgallery and at:  

    Full listings for the day:

    Border Force National Deep Rummage Team – on the Brocklebank displaying specialist techniques and equipment. Quayside in front of the Maritime Museum at intervals 11am-4pm

    Border Force Sniffer Dog team – demonstrate their sniffy skills. Lecture Theatre Fourth Floor 12.30, 1.30, 2.30, 3.30pm

    Exoteach – Get up close with live snakes, tortoise and lizards. Learning Base B, Basement 11am-4pm

    Face painting with Cases Faces Foyer – Ground Floor, 12noon-4pm

    Border Force CITES Team will show us seized contraband from endangered species such as elephants and snakes – Learning Base B, Basement 11am-4pm

    Border Force Counterfeit Detection Unit bring their collection of fake consumer goods and some cautionary tales – Foyer, Ground Floor 11am-4pm

    Let it Bee with Earthworks – Learn about bees and make a bee inspired souvenir Learning Base 2, Second Floor, 1-4pm

    Sniffer and Smugglebuster – Our larger than life mascot and his handler love to pose for photos! – Throughout the Museum at intervals 1-4pm

    Rummage – Have a go at being a Rummage Officer and search for smuggled goods in our mock ship’s cabin. Seized!, Basement, 1.00, 1.30, 2.00, 3.00, 3.30pm

    Border Force Forgery Team – How do you spot a fake document? Our experts will reveal some tricks of the trade.Seized!, Basement, 11am-4pm

    Border Force Keeping Children Safe Team along with Stop theTraffik – information stand Third Floor, 11am-4pm