Liverpool Biennial 2018: Beautiful World Reading and Discussion Group

    Location (with MAP): Bluecoat
    Date/Time: 11 September 2018. 6:00pm - 7:00pm
    Event: Literature - Liverpool Biennial 2018: Beautiful World Reading and Discussion Group
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    Beautiful World Reading and Discussion Group


    What if we conceive of the world without humans as the apex of control and need? What does it mean to become posthuman, and are we even there yet? Jon Davies invites participants to discuss what it means to be human, who gets to be humanised, and the possibility of changing or even moving away from the humanist project which began over four centuries ago.

    In this series of participatory events, artist Jon Davies extends an invitation to consider the times we are living in and encourages us to share ideas, texts and conversations. Davies begins from the position that in order to change the world for the better, we need to broaden our understanding of work and production, the environment, gender and sexuality, and race and nations. He also considers whether the status quo is stopping us from working towards a better world. Davies and invited guests including artist Diann Bauer, Priya Sharma, Salma Noor will debate the contemporary moment through five provocations: Which Utopia? followed by Dehumanise, Defamiliarise, Decolonise and Deindustrialise.