LightNight 2018: Sensor City: The Art of Technology

    Location (with MAP): Sensor City
    Date/Time: 18 May 2018. 5:00pm - 11:00pm
    Event: Exhibition - LightNight 2018: Sensor City: The Art of Technology
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    17:00 – 23:00

    Sensor City

    Exhibitions, Family Friendly, Participate

    Sensor City is hosting a range of events exploring the theme of ‘the art of technology’. Check them out from 17:00 – 23:00:


    Sensors help us to inquire further than our natural senses allow. Sensor City’s Artist-in-Residence, Professor John Hyatt, experimented with how sand and liquids move under different frequencies to investigate waveforms, flow, resonance and beauty. When teaching in Oman for the British Council, one of John’s students gave him a bottle of sand from her local beach. Working with Sensor City engineers, John used a powerful, sensor-equipped, microscope camera to concentrate on just one tiny grain of this sand. John called this piece of sand, Mothergrain. Its impressed, regular, hexagonal flower patterns were captured and edited into a series of 3 videos. John also made the score for this video piece by digitally translating an image of vibrating water into a musical composition for a string quartet.

    Drones & DigiArt

    The Sensors and UAV research group from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Liverpool John Moores University exhibit the outputs from the EU funded project DigiArt (665066). This project is in its final year, tasked with creating 3D models of cultural heritage artefacts and sites using drones and sensors and providing viewers with access to a range of cultural sites across Europe. For more information please visit website

    Skull models

    Laura Ortega Lacasa is a 3D Artist and Concept Designer. Having received two master’s degrees in Spain, Laura moved to England to advance her freelance career. Her recent 3D anatomy design project resulted in significant interest across the world and is now being showcased in Germany. Laura will be exhibiting this physical skull model and will also be transforming it into a virtual reality model for Sensor City visitors to experience.

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