Bluecoat Display Centre: Manifest Touring Jewellery Exhibition

    Location (with MAP): Bluecoat Display Centre
    Date/Time: 11 March 2016. 5:30pm - 7:30pm
    Event: Exhibition - Bluecoat Display Centre: Manifest Touring Jewellery Exhibition
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    Manifest Touring Jewellery Exhibition
    Viewing – Friday 11 March 2016, 17.30 – 19.30
    Exhibition runs Saturday 12 March 2016 – Saturday 16 April 2016

    Manifest is a touring exhibition of jewellery by the Designer Jewellers Group to celebrate its fortieth anniversary with a selling exhibition of jewellery encompassing bangles, rings, bracelets, hand pieces and cufflinks, loosely themed around the ruby as a representation and celebration of forty years of extraordinary jewellery designed and handmade in Britain.

    Manifest will enthrall the viewer with a feast of opulent jewels designed for the hand, inspired by German folklore and fairytales, language and symbolism, Japanese pattern and print, history and unity. Bangles, rings, bracelets, hand pieces and cufflinks made from rubies, roses, straw, silver, gold, acrylic, paper, porcelain, polypropylene, aluminium and wood.

    Founded in 1975 the Designer Jewellers Group is a collective that has been exhibiting and promoting the work of its members for forty years. Individuality of design and professional standards of craftsmanship are hallmarks of the DJG. All members are designer makers working in Britain. The jewellers exhibit independently at fairs and in galleries and museums throughout the United Kingdom as well as internationally, and have made important contributions in the publishing and teaching worlds.