EVENT: Innovasion – The Live Action Game

innovasion-100image SATURDAY 9 October from 10am – 10pm, various venues. /£5
Beware the Innovasion is coming! Something sinister has been lurking in the shadows at the Liverpool Biennial. There have been whisperings of an imminent catastrophic event.  Your job is to join the resistance and help prevent the downfall of the city.

From 10am on Saturday 9th October you will invited to join an adventure through the streets of Liverpool where you will solve clues, unravel riddles, witness unexpected performances whilst taking in many of the Liverpool Biennial art works. As you get further into the story, you and your group memebers will have to make decisions which will influence the outcome of the narrative. The structure of the day will be informal depending on how you respond to your challenges, but you can expect to be excited, surprised, challenged and hopefully have a lot of fun in the process. The whole event will end in a finale at a secret location in the city. Your decisions will decide what happens. The end of the day will be an opportunity for you to meet your fellow gamers, the games masters, and all the performers involved over a glass of wine.

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!  You will then be emailed further instructions and the game begins!  Produced by Hope Street Ltd.