The Citadel: A Response

January - 21 March 2014 Free Opening times for the exhibition room available on request An exhibition of visual art created by the talented members of Platform Art...

Citadel arts Centre: Tony Bishop

Citadel arts Centre: Tony Bishop-A solo Show 1 April - July 9 - 17:00 Entry: Free A solo exhibition by Tony Bishop- visual Artist of the year at...

The Citadel – Tony Garner ‘Industry’

Tony Garner 'Industry' 25 March - 28 July 2011 The exhibition by Tony Garner, consisting a series of paintings depicting industrial sites in Merseyside and and...

The Citadel – People & Places

Art Exhibition - 'People & Places' - Recent and retrospective work by Merseyside visual artist, Mary Christie 19 January - 21 March 2011 Opening times vary,...

Citadel – SOUP Artists

Exhibition of works at the Citadel by Nine Soup Artists. From 7 January 2009 Artists: Mike Aitken, Tiffany Kendall, Jackie Kerr, Vinnie Lavell, Sue Sharples,...

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