Michael Nyman: Aztecs in Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery

Words and images by Leanne Cunningham Whilst making my way to see the John Moores Painting Prize 2014, I am stopped in my tracks -...

Preview: The British Music Experience

The British Music Experience Cunard Building, Opens 9th March 2017 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith We tend to leave music to our audiophile counterparts at BidoLito and GetintoThis. If...

Review: Test! The programme of trial and error taking chances for Independents Biennial

Test! The programme of trial and error taking chances for Independents Biennial There’s an important layer to the visual arts that rarely gets seen. It’s...

Review: Liverpool Biennial 2016: Rita McBride at Toxteth Reservoir

Rita McBride’s large scale installation represents an opening between the real world and the world of fiction. Entering the unilluminated location of the piece with its sonic reverberations

Soft Estate, at The Bluecoat

Review by Rachel Tillett Soft Estate is an exhibition of works from Edward Chell, as well as invited artists including Tim Bowditch, Nick Rochowski, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Day...
Georgia Lucas-Going, TOO MANY FEELINGS, 2016

Review: Bloomberg New Contemporaries at Bluecoat

Established in 1949 and with a continually committed presence in Liverpool since 1996, the Bloomberg New Contemporaries annual exhibition of recent art graduates is a cornerstone of the local culture and its relevance and importance is hard to overstate.

The Rolf Harris Walker Art Gallery Exhibition: Did-ge-really doo?

Did-ge-really doo? It’s hard not to forget that Rolf Harris is in good artistic company at the Walker Art Gallery. The gallery for me...

Review: John Piper at Tate Liverpool

John Piper Tate Liverpool, 17th November - 18th March 2018 Words, Julia Johnson (Messy Lines) John Piper is a Very British Artist.  In our current age, this...

Review: basement present, ‘basements connected’

Take any basement, they’re never simple things, with rooms to the left or the right, and supporting walls you never knew your house even needed. It’s hardly a layout a curator would ordinarily jump at, but its success is in its flaws, allowing artists with little in common to exhibit with each other
Ob_ject and Ob_serve at A Small View. Photo by Edgar Zanella

Review: Ob_ject and Ob_serve at A Small View

Ob_ject and Ob_serve introduces us to a very particular perspective on what a non-anthropocentric world would be able to engage with, which is an incredibly approachable question, generously shared.

We go Listening at the Bluecoat

Words by Leanne Cunningham the Bluecoat presents Listening, a sight and sound exhibition curated by Sam Belinfante, which interrogates the act of listening itself, rather...

Review: Adrian Henri: Poet / Painter / Performer

Review: Adrian Henri: Poet / Painter / Performer St George’s Hall, 12th April – 15th July 2017 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith Liverpool has a long tradition of socialism,...

Review: Liverpool Biennial Touring Programme, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd

Liverpool Biennial Touring Programme: Marvin Gaye Chetwynd Touchstones Rochdale, until July 2017] Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith Liverpool Biennial 2016 isn’t over. In a cultural climate that demands that...
Koki Tanaka

Review: Liverpool Biennial 2016: Flashback & Children’s Episodes at Open Eye

In terms of the Biennial's episodic structure we are dealing here with a Flashback, this collection is resolutely forward facing.

Review: Lubaina Himid at Walker Art Gallery

Lubaina Himid “Naming the Money” Walker Art Gallery, until 18th March 2018 Words, Julia Johnson It’s an awkward but undeniable fact that considerable parts of Liverpool’s past...
Art Gym at Tate Liverpool

Review: Art Gym at Tate Liverpool

It almost seems festival like in its entirety, which I think is a good thing. With something for almost everyone, from complete beginners to practising artists with no limitations on age whatsoever.

Dial “M” For Murder at Liverpool Playhouse

Words by Sinead Nunes, Editor Many will recognise this title as one of the legendary Alfred Hitchcock's masterpieces of film making. For one week only, Liverpool...
Detail of 'Too Expensive' by Claire Dorsett

Review: Claire Dorsett – ‘Too Expensive’ at A Small View

What is most interesting is Dorsett’s ability to tell a story employing only the complete minimum. She uses assured lines and colours that help tell the story, elevating this to something far beyond colour composition work.

Review: Remnants at Road Studios

Their exhibitions are quietly maintaining the pace of the Biennial, and making our website look more alive

Fallout Factory: As Yet Untitled

Words by Dan Brennan An exhibition centred around young, abstract artists can be a very problematic thing, as although the angst and introspection that comes...

Review: Monochrome at Bluecoat Display Centre

Review: Monochrome at Bluecoat Display Centre Words, Kathryn Wainwright Using the word monochrome to describe can give varying reactions, from the somewhat dull or demure to...

Preview: Milapfest, for Sgt Pepper at 50

Milapfest really sees Liverpool as its home – we really wouldn’t exist in the form we do today without the city.

St George’s Hall Winter Arts Market

Images by Christopher Flack
The Royal Standard / CBS

Review: A Royal Standard Christmas: GIN6 and TRSxCBS=XMAS

Royal Standard concluded their calendar this year with two brilliant summaries of 2015. Not only did this multiple venue event witness most of their studio holders but it included a celebration of the 6GINS project, and the invitation for Crown Building Studios to come and collaborate in their upstairs gallery.

Review: The Williamson Open 2018

The Williamson Open Art and Photography Exhibition 2018 Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, Birkenhead, Wirral 23rd March – 6th May 2018 Words, Samantha Browne The Williamson Open Art...
editions Michael Lacey

Review: Michael Lacey – New Mythologies at Editions Ltd

New Mythologies works fantastically with its name, and equally well with its city. The landscape collages use bits and pieces from every day memories of Liverpool, combined with recognisable landmarks and popular imagery.

Scream You’re in an Art Exhibition: Andy at The Monro

What an amazing way to start my volunteering experience at the Biennial, to be at an exhibition where people literally screamed. I’ve got say...

Open Eye Gallery: The Work of Swedish Documentary Photographer Sune Jonsson

Words by Lesley Van deMark Who among us has never been told a story? Whether at a very young age, fibres of fairy tales work...

The Very Best of Laughterhouse at the Philharmonic

Review by Sinead Nunes A night showcasing the entertaining talents of six comedians left the audience wanting more, as household names took to the stage...

Review: The Wonder of it All, Josie Jenkins & Jacqui Chapman

The Wonder of it All, Josie Jenkins & Jacqui Chapman The Gallery Liverpool, 29th September - 8th October 2016 Words & Pictures, Patrick Kirk-Smith If ever there...

Review: Museum of the Moon, at Liverpool Cathedral

Luke Jerram's Museum of the Moon at Liverpool Cathedral until 28th May 2018 words, Joanie Magill Suspended from the ceiling in the centre of the well of...

For the Love of Books at Huyton Gallery Reviewed by Vicki Maguire

Timed to coincide with the Bicentenary of Edward Lear’s birth on 12 May 1812, Huyton Gallery presents For the Love of Books, an exhibition...

Review: Hands of History +20

Review: Hands of History +20 at Victoria Gallery & Museum, until 21st April 2018 Words, Steph Preston 20 years ago the artist Raymond Watson persuaded Northern Irish...

Review: Ellsworth Kelly in Focus

An exhibition of 11 works, this is a snapshot of the great American abstract artist Ellsworth Kelly in Focus, who died in December 2015, aged 92.

Review: Keywords for Dummies: Intellectual Property

The first of a new series of discursive talks, titled Keywords for Dummies, posed a very large question: What is Intellectual Property? And, why should the creative industries care?
William Holman Hunt (1827–1910) Il Dolce Far Niente, 1859–66, retouched 1874–5

Review: Pre-Raphaelites: Beauty and Rebellion at The Walker Art Gallery

"In many ways this was the movement that began holding both artists and critics to account over arguments of the tastes and functions surrounding visual art. This exhibition is both a review of that movement, and a new approach to connecting their history to relative developments in the North West."

Review: Whitaker Malem – Pop Artisans

Whitaker Malen - Pop Artisans at The Gallery Liverpool, until 10th December 2017 Words, Kevin Symes Whitaker Malem – Pop Artisans is the seventh and final exhibition...

Review: MINUS at Tate Liverpool (an exhibition that never happened)

The review I could have written. The exhibition didn’t happen though. On 13th July 2017, The Serving Library presented what it called ‘Liverpool minus Francesco Manacorda’

Review: Ken’s Show: Exploring the Unseen

Ken’s Show: Exploring the Unseen Tate Liverpool, until 17th June 2018 A Guardian four star review and header that says: “Sublime choices from a non-expert puts the...

In Pictures: Brouhaha 2014

This summer, the city is alive with culture. From Liverpool Biennial and the Independents fringe to FLUX Young People's Festival, LIMF and WW1 commemorations,...