Art in Liverpool Magazine

Art in Liverpool magazine, a new monthly newspaper dedicated to visual art in the Liverpool City Region, is out now.

For years we’ve asked our readers to come to us, and dedicated our efforts to bringing together news and events around the region that we believe are worth seeing. 2018 is a year of change for Art in Liverpool though, with announcements slowly filtering through about our work with the Independents Biennial for 2018, and loads of exciting new partnerships helping us to build new audiences for artists and galleries alike.

Every month we will feature a new artist on our front cover, and we will try as hard as we possibly can to bring in advertisers from the creative industries, who can actually make the magazine a better thing to read.

The magazine will be available in galleries, cafes, museums, theatres and visitor centres around the Liverpool City Region at the start of every month.

Digital versions of the magazine will be readable below (uploaded in the second week of each month), click to read them full screen:

Art in Liverpool Magazine, Issue #4, June 2018


Art in Liverpool Magazine, Issue #3, May 2018


Art in Liverpool Magazine, Issue #2, April 2018

Art in Liverpool Magazine, Issue #1, March 2018