Art in Liverpool is an independent listings site for visual arts in Liverpool, as well as being a platform for critically engaged writing about art. Covering all galleries and museums across the Merseyside region, the website is run by Ian and Minako Jackson with Features editor Sinead Nunes and supported by VAiL (Visual Arts in Liverpool).


The site was originally set up by Ian Jackson in 2004 as a simple listings site for Liverpool galleries and exhibitions. A blog followed in time for Liverpool Biennial 2004, and the site has evolved ever since, reaching out to people online, with new features and more input from writers and other creatives. In recent years the site has hosted a number of new features including: Artist of the Week, Art & About, the In Pictures photography series, a surge in local arts news as well as a flourishing critical writing output thanks to the editor and a dedicated team of talented writers and arts enthusiasts.


Art in Liverpool’s aim to to be the hub for all information and critique related to Liverpool’s thriving visual arts scene. From finding out what’s on, to looking for jobs in the arts, to providing a comprehensive directory of local artists, the site is Liverpool’s go-to platform for all things art-related in the city. Art in Liverpool aims to promote, inform and celebrate the visual arts in Liverpool, by communicating arts news and listings in weekly news bulletins, as well as maintaining a large readership for the site through ever-changing and updating content, and a strong social media outreach.

For the past three years, Art in Liverpool has been steadily moving towards more editorial content, including features, interviews and reviews. This content is vital in achieving AiL’s aims; showcasing what’s happening in Liverpool whilst maintaining an unbiased and critically engaged standpoint.

Becoming a contributor

If you would like to submit your work to Art in Liverpool, contact Sinead Nunes via the contact page. The only way to be published on the website is to get in touch! Contributions to the website are currently made on a voluntary basis, but we are working hard to change this for the future, and hope to be able to provide expenses for our writers soon.

For more information about the kind of writing we publish,  request a style guide via the contact page.

Editorial Support

With a renewed focus on critical writing, we feel it is vital to offer the best editorial support we can provide. Every contributor to the website has regular correspondence from the editor, and each writer is given constructive feedback and support on their work, with the opportunity to redraft before publication. Mentoring and support is tailored to each individual depending on their particular needs and style, and if you have any questions about your work or development as a writer, please get in touch via the contact page.

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