A Philosophy of Fidgets – Touched Talk


Here’s me touching the Liverpool Biennial 2010 car which was parked alongside the one from 2008 outside the JMU Academy of Art & Design this afternoon. The theme for 2010 is ‘Touched‘ and the latest in the series of related talks was given today by Professor Steven Connor who talked about fidgeting.

It was a well attended and interesting talk covering such things as loops, doodles, spectacles, sticky tape and, of course, masturbation (some people’s favourite form of fidgeting).

I don’t attend many talks these days and this was the first for ages that really was all talk and no visuals so it must have been good to have held my full attention for two hours.

The Biennial people were live blogging the event so you can read a lot more detail on the website and also book tickets for the future talks.