3345 Parr Street – 3345 Abstract Amigos – Terry Sullivan

sullivan-1003345 Abstract Amigos – Terry Sullivan. 20 October – 5 December 2010 (Extended)
VIEWING – Tuesday 16 November 18-20.00
Exhibition to be opened by Mr Michael Sandys Head of Commercial KIRWANS Solicitors.Exhibition of Prints by abstract artist Terry Sullivan. One of a series of four exhibitions of prints by abstract artists. Other exhibitions featuring Derek Culley, John Hoyland RA (CCA Galleries and Editions Liverpool) and David Lach (Cancelled) . Part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial strand.
Terry has been influenced by the American School of Abstract Expressionism and the works of artists such as de Kooning and Pollock. Painting for over fifty years, Terry has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad.In the early 90’s has worked in The Bridewell along Adrian Henry, Maurice Cockrell and others. His work has been seen by many through large and prestigious exhibitions in various venues across Liverpool, such as the Cornerstone, Hanover galleries, The Pilgrim, The Bluecoat and The Walker.

Since the 70’s, Terry has been experimenting and been preoccupied with collage techniques and mixed media, with earthly materialism, and later with the idea of ‘ boundary’ and frenetic spaces within the painting surface. Gradually, his painting changed, using more diluted paints and softer brush strokes, flowing paint, spraying/ graffiti techniques, dripping, spattering effects and mark making, as if writing using an abstract calligraphy.

Colour has become the primordial element in his work; ‘light’ and transparencies showing through the artist’ soul, as through a ‘vitralium’ glass. The multitude of colour layering that is so relevant and deep, offers the eye and spirit a depth of a true artistic identity. Slowly, he turned towards energetic vibration only. As John Dockrray puts it, “Terry’s work is well away from over mannered technique and compositional cliché.”

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Terry Sullivan