24 Kitchen Street: SYNDROME Session 1.0

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 18.35.0726 April 2014


£5 (available via http://syn‐dro.me/)

Plus after party ‘til 2am with Less Effect

A major multi‐media events programme ‐ SYNDROME ‐ launches at 24 Kitchen Street. Devised by Mercy working alongside HIVE, and funded by Arts Council England and Liverpool City Council’s ACIP grant, the SYNDROME project includes: multiple residencies with artists such as Holly Herndon; a range of live acts including Pharmakon and Caroline Bergvall, a series of events and talks at institutional partner FACT; and a range of commissions taking sensational media artworks into the public realm.

The first event, SYNDROME Session 1.0, offers an illustrative mix of the project’s intention to explore the points where audiovisual art, theatre and spoken word performance meet. The event is both a chance to find out more about the scope of the SYNDROME project, and to see three new live art works which experiment with the themes of sensation, affect and interactivity.

SYNDROME Session 1.0

HIVE ‐ Unsettle Redux

Originally presented with Metal during Biennial 2012, HIVE remix their ‘Unsettle’ performance for SYNDROME. A meditation on the Pendle Witch Trials of 1612, Unsettle draws the audience into the world of claustrophobia, dread, mundane ignorance and prejudice that lead to the trial of eleven men and women, ten of whom were later hanged.

Mercy ‐ The Nodes of Thamsanqua Jantjie

Social‐science fiction for the North West of England. Written and devised by Mark Greenwood and Nathan Jones with a cohort of actors, the play revisits iconic Liverpool 1980s culture through a radically dystopian vision of speech.

Hannah Silva ‐ Schlock!

A collision between Fifty Shades of Grey, the radical punk‐pirate Kathy Acker and the sounds of Sonic Youth. In the grand tradition of literary terrorism, Hannah Silva layers, loops and subverts in pursuit of a violent sexual feminist satire. This is the first showing of a new work, developed as a SYNDROME residency with technical residents Sam Meech and Simon Jones.

About the SYNDROME Session 1.0 artists


HIVE has been developing innovative electronic music and audiovisual performance in Liverpool since 2003. During this period HIVE has run a series of events at FACT, staged three successful international festivals, and promoted a number of one‐off performances in art spaces and clubs across the North West. More recently, HIVE’s creative team of designer/visual artist Sam Wiehl, sound artist Rob Strachan and visual artist Bob Wass have produced a number of works for FutureEverything, FACT, Liverpool Biennial, Metal and The Wordsworth Trust.


Mercy has been producing new work at the boundary of literature, art and underground culture since its inception as a local zine collective and poetry event series in 2002. Throughout their work, Mercy have cross‐pollinated disciplines, drawing audiences into new considerations of niche practice. In 2011 Mercy moved towards a focus on new commissions, incubating a range of language‐led artworks, including the long running Electronic Voice Phenomena programme, which now exists as an online publishing platform at electronicvoicephenomena.net. Mercy have collaborated with a range of popular cultural partners including Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool Music Week, Trigger in Scotland, Cornerhouse in Manchester, and international partnerships with Daqri in LA and Soundcloud in Berlin. mercyonline.co.uk

Hannah Silva

Hannah Silva is a poet, playwright and theatre maker whose work is characterised by its playful interrogation of language, voice and form. She has performed at the Tokyo Design Centre, Krikri International Festival of Polyphony in Belgium, Poetry Hearings in Berlin and throughout the UK at festivals including Latitude, the London Word Festival and StAnza. She won the Tinniswood award at  the recent BBC Audio Drama Awards for her play ‘Marathon Tales’ (co‐written with Colin Teevan for Radio 3). She is an associate artist with Penned in the Margins, who released her debut poetry collection Forms of Protest in 2013. She is currently in the early stages of developing Schlock! – a new show in association with Penned in the Margins.

At 24 Kitchen Street, Baltic Quarter

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